100 Stories

Rebecca Rountree pledges to record 100 women’s career stories between IWD 2021 and IWD 2022. These stories celebrate women talking honestly about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of their career.

We believe that the best way to navigate our challenging career world is to hear from women’s real stories. We also believe that everyone has a great story to tell that someone will find helpful, our aim is to capture as many stories as possible so we can all learn from one another.

We’ll be releasing This Way Up Stories on our social media channels, along with more in-depth conversation on the podcast every other week.

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Tell us your Story

First up – the questionnaire:

This is pretty straight forward, but please note that your story won’t be published unless all questions are filled in properly. This is especially important when it comes to your nominations – championing female creatives is a huge part of This Way Up, so make sure to include the women who you think have a story to tell!

Unfortunately, we cannot allow for more copy as it won’t fit the Instagram square, so please respect the word count.

Next up – the photo requirements:

We need to put a face to the name. So please submit a good quality photo to This must be:

  • Front on, face and shoulders clearly visible, with nothing obstructing your features, on a plain background
  • As high res as possible, 500px minimum

Finally – sit back and relax:

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