This Way Up was founded by Rebecca Rowntree, which started as a podcast but has since evolved into a platform sharing women’s powerful stories and running Get Sh*t Done events.

This Way Up is run by a great team of bad ass volunteers that get sh*t done. Find out more about them below.


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Rebecca Rowntree

A few years ago, I embarked on my biggest personal side project to date. I started a podcast called ‘This Way Up’; where I interviewed leading women in the industry about the good, the bad and the ugly of their career.

I started the podcast because early on in my career as a young creative I struggled to find female role models to look up to. According to Creative Equals, this is because women make up only 29% of creative departments and in London just 12% of Creative Directors are female.

Yet as I grew up in the industry, I finally got exposure to some amazing senior women and found that they all had powerful stories to tell. Stories of struggle, stories of empowerment and stories about finding their voice. This sparked my idea to capture these stories in the form of a podcast so that other women starting out in the industry could be inspired and learn from them, helping them put any struggles in context and show that the women at the top of this industry were once exactly in the same position.

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Jennifer Hayashi (Jenny)

Art Direction, Design Direction, Creative, Motion, Social Creative, Strategy

Zoë Moncaster

Designer and Creative Producer

Cicely Ryder-Belson

Content Creator and Copywriter

Angel Nkomo

Content Creator

Sara Guo

Social Media Strategist

Kirsten Troy


Emily Osborne

Podcast Editor

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